Friday, December 5, 2008


i used to think i had a problem and maybe i actually do, but at least now, i don't want to THINK i do. ever since i can remember, i have always been overly stimulated by the most random things. walking the dogs, playing tennis, ironing my clothes, having tea, and even sitting during mass.

deesy thinks it may be traced back to the rape. or should i say, rapes. i don't know. i think to myself that maybe i was meant to be treated in such a way as to really appreciate being treated so well. keith is really good to me, but something keeps me from trusting him. i guess because the both of us are so insecure. maybe because he has a small dick? he thinks he's so sexy. lol. well, he probably is, to an extent, but not the sexy that i like. and yes, his dick is too small for me.

i want to have one of those monster cocks like in the pornos that i'm addicted to. i used to screw a maglite flashlight. my pussy is still tight though. i love the kegel exercises. works wonders.